YUKINE Performer of WAHENSHO (the new Japanese Bianzhong)

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Composer, Performer of WAHENSHO Yukine was born in a family of ceramic artists in Kyoto, dating back to the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.).
She graduated from Kyoto University of Education.
Since 1990 Yukine began composing in her own unique way, original songs inspired by Nature.

Her songs were featured on radio shows for a Japanese national radio station as music of "Soundscape". This radio show was awarded in 1994.
In 1998 Yukine published "Ear Game", a book focused on "sensitivity education" utilizing sound.
In 2002 Yukine began featuring in TV shows, where she explains how to compose in her unique way.
In 2003 after a “life-changing” encounter with WAHENSHO, Yukine started to play WAHENSHO.

She played WAHENSHO at the World Water Forum and released the first ever WAHENSHO CD, "Hensho no Inori ( Pray of water) " in Japan.
She has since continued to perform concerts around Japan and also to compose songs and educate children.
At the Expo 2005 in Aichi Japan, Yukine was specially invited to instruct children on this subject. Music CD with music composed by these children according to her method was later released.
In 2005 she also published the book "Ear game"in collaboration with Mr.Kiyoshi Teramoto and Mr.Hiroharu Onishi.
Yukine wrote songs for the DVD "Oto de Tsumugu Nagaragawa"(Songs of River Nagara) by Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

In 2008 Yukine was invited to a TV show on the Japanese national TV featuring the natural sounds of Kyoto.
Her music which portraits the nature and culture of Kyoto gained great reputation.

A part-time instructor at Kyoto University of Education since 2004

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