YUKINE Performer of WAHENSHO (the new Japanese Bianzhong)

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CD/ Hensho Mizu no inori (Bell and River's Prayer)

The first Wahensho CD for jorney of water.
Water flows from the source of Kamo river to Yodo river. Playing Wahensho with the sound of falling water.

Mizu no minamoto (the headwater)
Midori shitataru (the upper stream)
Inochi hagukumu (the midstream)
Umie (the downstream)
  • Release Date: 2003
  • All songs composed and performed by YUKINE.
  • Percussion:Yoshiko Tanikado
  • The-djembe:Akira Ikeda
  • Arranged by Tamito Tomita (Uzura Music)
  • ¥200 out of the price is donated to NGO Peshawar-kai, Affiliated organisation in Pakistan: Peshawar-kai Medical Services (social welfare corporation).
  • An instrumental CD of the rare instrument, Chinese Bells called "Hensho". Titled "Hensho Mizu-no Inori" (Bell and River's Prayer). Composer / performer YUKINE has written four pieces inspired by her fondness of the sound of the river. In this disc, Hasegawa plays the Chinese Bells in Honen-in Temple (Kyoto) and as a harmony has recorded the sound of water flowing from its source (Kamogawa River) until it meets with the Yodogawa River and enters into Osaka Bay - the juxtaposition of human and nature dance together in a sound scape of quiet beauty. The origin of Hensho dates back to ancient palace music. A Hensho was placed in a Chinese burial tomb 2400 years ago (400 B.C.). In Japan, only a handful of Hensho exist.
    Musicians are YUKINE,Yoshiko Tanikado and Akira Ikeda
    Mixed by Tamito Tomita (UZURA MUSIC Co.) Released on August 31, 2003.
DVD/Oto de Tumugu Nagaragawa (Songs of River Nagara)
Nagara no umareru tokoro (Where Nagara was born)
Inori o nosete (Praying through Nagara)
Nagara rakubu (The upper of midstream)
Nagara yusyu (Melancholy)
Inori umie (Praying, to the sea)
  • Release Date: 2005
  • All songs composed and performed by YUKINE.
  • Percussion: Yoshiko Tanikado、Robbin LloydTomo Yamaguchi
  • Recorded by Ai Murakami
  • Arranged by Uzura Music
  • Sound of water by Hisakatsu Yamazaki
  • Video produced by CBC Creation
  • DVD planned by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • DVD produced by (c) River Foundation
CD/ Kyoto Emaki

Songs which portraits the nature and culture of Kyoto.

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