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About Hensho
 "Hensho"is the Bianzhong of China, an another name is "Chinese Carillon". It is a court instrument in ancient China.
It is said that 400-500 sets were found in Chinese burial tomb of about 3 thousands years ago.
There are a various sizes of bells. It is thought that these Chinese bells were used not only for music, but also festivals.
They were made of bronze. Some bells were so huge that human could go into them. We presume a few people rang a big bell together.
It is understandable the Bianzhong of China showed the power of the emperor.
History of "Hensho"
Hensho was introduced into Korea in 1116 A.D.(Koraicho period). These bells were always used in the court festivals.
As those court music was not imported into Japan, music played on Hensho also didn't bring to Japan.
The only Hensho of 13th century which was found in Japan, was preserved in Nikko Toshogu, Miyagi Japan.
This Hensho is a quite small one, but it has a feature of the Korean instrument for the court festival.

 "WAHENSHO" made by the company of Kujyo Yamaguchi.
"WAHENSHO" is different from a Chinese Hensyo.
It is "WAHENSHO" that a Chinese Hensyo was modified in Japanese way.
I played it for "Oto de tutzuru mizu no tabi"( Songs for journey of water) in World Water Forum on March 2003.
Japan Acoustic Laboratory proves that the lingering sound of Wahensho can cause alpha wave, including 1/f fluctuation, which has healing power.
I have put three octaves of Kujyo Hensho in order and equiped on original rims.
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